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The New Social Security Statements: Reasons to Check Yours Out

November 28, 2021

From the nextavenue website

For years, the Social Security Administration has done a pretty crummy job telling Americans how much they’ll likely receive in Social Security benefits. But I’m glad to say that the agency just replaced its text-heavy, four-page Social Security Statement with a redesigned, more useful, more visual, two-page version.

As a result, I strongly urge you to visit the Social Security website to see the vital, clear information for your retirement security. To do so, you’ll want to either visit your “my Social Security Account” on the site or set one up. Otherwise, you can only see your Statement when it comes in the mail once you turn 60. (Only 63 million Americans have my Social Security Accounts, though 176 million workers pay taxes into the Social Security program.)

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Sample Your Social Security Statement – Form SSA-7005-SM-OL (11/21)

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