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OMAD Diet: Is Eating One Meal a Day Safe and Effective for Weight Loss?

December 2, 2021

From the Everyday Health website

If you’re on the search for a diet to help you meet your health goals, it’s likely that someone you know — a cousin, a friend, or a neighbor — has told you that they do intermittent fasting (IF).

There are many ways to do IF, but the general idea is that you’ll set strict periods of time in which you don’t eat, and eat as you normally would while not fasting. You might choose to do alternate-day fasting and eat every other day. You might choose an “eating window” each day, and fast outside of that window. You might fast for two days a week and eat normally for the other five, in an approach called “5:2 fasting.”

Now there’s a new type of fasting gaining steam: the OMAD, or “one meal a day,” diet. Simply put, the idea of the OMAD diet is you consume all of your daily calories and nutrients during one meal each day. It may sound straightforward enough, but registered dietitian nutritionists have some concerns about the approach.

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