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Sortie Surge Generated 45 F-22 Raptor Sorties in a Day

December 12, 2021

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Frame capture from the video

It takes nothing less than a world-class team to push out more than 45 fighter sorties within a single duty day, and that’s exactly what the Total Force Airmen from the 154th and 15th Wings did during this week’s Sortie Surge.

Maintenance personnel at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam have demonstrated sheer mastery of their craft, which enabled the Hawaiian Raptors to succeed in this historic endeavor. 

Aviators and leaders on every level are taking home invaluable on-the-job training from this week’s Surge, targeted for risk management and mitigation and enhanced lethality throughout the force. 

“The Hawaiian Raptors’ maintenance leads the CAF (Combat Air Force),” said Col. Shane ‘Nuke’ Nagatani, 154th Operations Group commander, “and it’s because of this that we lead the CAF in F-22 experience and combat readiness.”

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