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What to know about tattoos and hepatitis C

December 23, 2021

From the Medical News Today website

Graphic from the CDC website

Tattooing involves placing ink into the dermis layer of the skin with a needle. If a tattoo artist does not follow appropriate safety guidelines, there is the possibility of transmitting bloodborne viruses, such as hepatitis C. It is essential to seek professional and licensed artists who maintain a safe, sterilized environment while tattooing.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease that occurs due to an infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). It is the most common bloodborne viral infection in the United States. This means that the virus lives in a person’s blood, and people may acquire the infection after exposure to blood that contains the virus.

Although it is more common for people to acquire HCV from the transfusion of unscreened blood or from intravenous drug use, the virus can also spread when getting tattoos in unlicensed facilities or when the artists uses
unsterile instruments.

In this article, we will discuss the potential risk of hepatitis C from a tattoo and whether people with hepatitis C can get a tattoo.

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