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The Ultimate Blood Pressure Monitor Experiment 2021 Edition

December 26, 2021

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According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, causing about 1 in 3 deaths. That’s a truly staggering number. Nearly half of adults in the United States (47%, or 116 million) have hypertension, yet only about 1 in 4 adults (24%) with hypertension  have their condition under control. 

What’s also worrying is that most adults that have hypertension don’t even know it. High blood pressure usually has no warning signs or symptoms. If high blood pressure continues over time it dramatically increases the risk of heart conditions, kidney diseases, stroke, vascular dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. 

However, the best way to deal with heart disease is to prevent it altogether. By measuring your blood pressure regularly you and your health care team can take steps to control your blood pressure if it is too high.

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