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Check Six – 1976–1987: The F-4C Phantom Era

January 27, 2022
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

The 199th Fighter Squadron flew the McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II from 1976–1987. The F-4C was a workhorse tactical fighter-bomber during the Vietnam War. It could also be used as an effective interceptor as the 154th Tactical Fighter Group continued its 24/7 alert mission.

This undated photograph shows the pilot and the weapon systems officer (WSO). The photograph was taken early in the F-4C era because the stars, signifying aircraft kills are still on the intake panel. This aircraft has the name of a Hawaiian bird – ‘Alae‘ula – painted on the side of the cockpit. This was an project of Kurt Johnson, who gave each aircraft the name of a Hawaiian bird.

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