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Check Six – 2005: Garro (Rojo) Johnson

January 31, 2022

Special Thanks to Braden “Mongo” Sakai for sharing these personal photographs.

These two photographs are some friends with Ro at my house after he was recovering from cancer treatment.

Left photograph: Standing (L-R): Glen “Knockers” Nakamura, Rollie “Dude” Smith, Wade “Ninja” Oganeku, Braden “Mongo” Sakai, Michael “Stuck” Blake and his son. Sitting: Kenneth “Dusty” Sussel, Garro (Rojo) Johnson

Right photograph: Standing (L-R): Glen “Knockers” Nakamura, John “Kazi” Hall, Michael “Stuck” Blake and his son, Wade “Ninja” Oganeku. Sitting: Kenneth “Dusty” Sussel, Garro (Rojo) Johnson

Garro (Rojo) Keeaumoku Johnson ended his long battle with cancer on October 29, 2006. In his second round with cancer, he refused to undergo further chemotherapy treatments. He passed away peacefully at Castle Hospital.

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Check Six – 2006: Ro Johnson old photographs

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