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Check Six – 2008: Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hoadley

February 4, 2022
Retiree News photograph

Stanley “Ossum” Osserman‘s promotion ceremony was held at the Governor’s Ceremonial Room on October 20, 2008. Among the guests were Scott “Rats” Hoadley and his wife Donna.

Rats was a Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) who served during the 199th Fighter Squadron’s F-4C Phantom era. When the squadron transitioned to the F-15 Eagle, Scott crosstrained to become a weapons controller at the 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron.

Donna was a member of the 169 ACWS, who served many years before her retirement. She comes from a Guard family. Her father, Herbert Padello, was a electronics technician who served and retired from the 169 ACWS. Donna’s sister, Vickie Padello, served in various areas in the Hawaii Air National Guard. She is was a super recruiter for several years.

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