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What Can You Do If A Website Uses a Photo of You Without Your Permission?

February 12, 2022

From the What’s My IP Address website

In a digital age where we live out our lives on the Internet, it’s inevitable photos of you will pop up online. You may be the one to publish these photos, but sometimes, someone else may use your likeness or image without your permission.

When this happens, can you legally force a website owner to delete a photo of you? You have some legal options if your photo is used without your permission, but it depends on how this photo of you is being used.

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“Can happen to me – I have private social media accounts.” Your photos are safe in a shared “Friends” account. BUT one of your friends downloads a great photo of you, your family, or your grandchild, AND reposts the photo on their account….. then someone else downloads the photo and uses it their social media post.

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