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Off Track: The secret recipe that has helped Hawaii institution Liliha Bakery stay open for 71 years

February 26, 2022

From the SFGate website

Liliha Bakery provided photograph from this article

Liliha Bakery is one of the oldest bake shops in Hawaii, and one of the few food establishments period that dates back to the middle of the 20th century.

Roy and Koo Takakuwa opened it in 1950 as a small shop on Liliha Street in Honolulu, where they sold loaves of bread. As popularity grew, the Takakuwas moved the bakery in 1961 to Kuakini Street (where you can still find the original location today), and over time, their baked goods have grown to include 150 varieties of doughnuts, pastries and cakes.

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