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Weed May Mess With Your Medicines, Causing Harm

March 24, 2022

From the WebMD website

Many people turn to marijuana or cannabidiol to ease their achy joints and help them sleep, but a new study suggests that could wreak havoc with any other medications they’re taking.

Why? Because the body uses the same set of enzymes to process them all, scientists report.

The chemicals in marijuana — THC, cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN) — are metabolized in the body by at least two families of enzymes that also help process and eliminate more than 70% of the most commonly used prescription drugs from the body, the researchers said.

That means there’s a risk that pot might dangerously amp up the effects of some prescription drugs, or cause other medications to flush through your system so quickly that they do you no good, said lead researcher Philip Lazarus. He’s a professor of pharmaceutical sciences at Washington State University, in Spokane.

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