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Off Track: 7 of Oahu’s best plate lunch spots

April 9, 2022

From the AAA website

Back in the day, at least twice a week after our last morning class at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, my friend Fay and I would make a beeline for Metcalf Street, where Grace’s blue lunch wagon would be parked. We never tired of Grace’s plate lunches (my favorites were beef stew and chicken katsu).

Years later when I was a busy single mom, plate lunches were my go-to meals when I didn’t have time to cook. It was convenient, tasty comfort food, and the portions were so big, I knew there would be leftovers for my young son and me.

As we all know, the humble, soul-satisfying plate lunch typically comes with 2 scoops of rice; a protein (beef, chicken, fish, or tofu); and a side of mac salad. It is a core of our local dining experience, and these 7 O‘ahu eateries take the dish to delicious new heights.

And these seven locations are:

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