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Check Six – Early 2000s: HIANG Honor Guard

April 11, 2022

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

This undated photograph shows members of the Hawaii Air National Guard Honor Guard. The photograph was taken near the Missing Man monument.

We asked Darrell Bactad for assistance with member identification and comments: 

Yes, this is one of the early photos of the HIANG Honor Guard. This was about 2001/2002. We just did a photo op with 154th Wing Public Affairs because it was the early years of the HIANG Honor Guard.

Standing (L-R):  Dane Minami, Robert Lee, Matt Vidaurri, Mark Coulbourne, Stephen Wong, Jason Cashman, Sidney Tabionunknown, Reymil Edralin, Edward Samson

Kneeling:  Darrell Bactad, Rose Ader, Brian Takafuji, Thomas Chock

The Honor Guard continues to be an important part of military ceremonies. 

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