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Hawaii National Guard Unit Emblems: 154th Supply Squadron

April 13, 2022

154th Supply Squadron

Blazon: On a blue disc within a narrow gold border a red Hawaiian idol (Lono) eyes and mouth blue, all outlined and detailed gold holding a gold calabash, inside blue, issuing from the calabash to form reversed chevron a lightning flash and a warrior’s spear, both gold. Below the emblem a blue scroll edged gold and inscribed in gold capital letters.

Significance: Against the blue field which alludes to the sky, primary theater of Air Force operations, the colors of Hawaii, red and yellow, traditional of the old Hawaiian feather capes and helmets, refer to the State where the squadron was constituted in 1964. The Hawaiian idol Lono, God of fertility, peace, and abundance, holding the calabash signifies the squadron’s supply function. The lightning and spear in the form of a reversed chevron symbolize the unit’s speed and strength in the logistical support of its parent group and sister squadrons. The emblem bears the Air Force colors, gold and ultramarine blue.

Motto: HOOHOLOA, To give or provide what is desired.

The emblem was designed by MSgt Howard A. Okita and approved 26 May 1967.

Howard Okita was full time technician with the supply function over the years. He retired with 40 years of military service as chief master sergeant. Howard was an outstanding softball coach at the high school and the college level.

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