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Off Track: Here’s Your Top 5 Manapua on O‘ahu

April 30, 2022

From the Frolic Hawaii website

The two leaders were never in doubt. Chinatown icons Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery and Royal Kitchen dominated our reader poll from the start—but while the Maunakea Street favorite emerged with a strong lead in early voting, in the end it was the tiny takeout counter at the edge of Chinese Cultural Plaza that won out.

The results of our first survey of Honolulu’s manapua-scape since the closures of Char Hung Sut and Libby Manapua reveal a top echelon that’s very similar to Our Top 5 Manapua ranking of nearly eight years ago. The rest of the scene is a mixed bag, with readers’ fourth- and fifth-ranked choices garnering single-digit percentages of the 1,200 total votes. Write-in choices included a wide assortment of Chinese restaurants, two Vietnamese eateries and a ramen shop. The top write-in pick? U-Choice In outside Don Quijote on Kaheka Street.

So which shops make O‘ahu’s favorite manapua? Read on for the results.

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