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Check Six – Late 1970s: F-4C Phantoms on the Flightline

May 7, 2022
Hawaii Air NationalGuard photograph – click to enlarge

Based on the Phantom’s paint scheme, this photograph was taken in the late 1970s. This two-ship looks like they are in preflight checks. Pilots and WSOS are in the aircraft. The first person from the right looks like Norman Ault, Jr, the 154th Consolidated Maintenance Squadron commander.

The 154th Fighter Group converted to the McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantoms in 1976. The organizational name became the 154th Tactical Fighter Group. The Phantoms were tactical fighter-bomber used extensively during the Vietnam War. They were also effective interceptors which were used in the Hawaii Air National Guard’s 24/7 alert mission.

An important pivot in the 199 FS capabilities was the ability to conduct air-to-air refueling. This allowed the Group to deploy to Japan, Korea, and the Philippines in their Pacific are of response.

On November 3, 1978, the 154th became 154th Composite Group.

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