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When to Get a Second Opinion

May 21, 2022

From the U.S. News & World Report website

Two heads are better than one.’ ‘Expertise matters.’ Both of these phrases ring true in the realm of medical second opinions. Whether you’re faced with a major new diagnosis, biopsy result, looming surgery or a cutting-edge cancer treatment, you want to move forward with as much peace of mind as possible.

When you see a doctor, second opinions can add certainty and confirm that you’re on the right course of care. Second opinions also sometimes bring up newer treatment options that may provide better outcomes. And most critically, second opinions can reveal a misdiagnosis or medical error that could have delayed vital treatments, led to unnecessary surgery or caused serious side effects from unwarranted medications.

Here’s when to seek out a second opinion, where to find highly expert sources and how this input can inform your important health care decisions.

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