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Check Six – 2010: At the White Cell Exercise

June 22, 2022
Retiree News photograph

The Hawaii National Guard Joint Force Headquarters conducts White Cell exercises. The exercise playmakers work within the white cell components to carry out the tasks assigned as part of the national exercise program known as a Vigilant Guard.

There are three main elements to the white cell. There is an overarching control cell, a higher control (HICON) and a lower control (LOCON) component comprised of various agencies. The HICON consists of state and federal agencies, nonprofit government agencies and local/regional municipalities reporting simulations and the LOCON is derived by primarily military support elements who simulate subordinate measures including additional troop support, logistics, situation reports, inputs on scenario injects and representatives from multiple military components. 

This June 4, 2010 photograph show Edmund Okada, Clara Furubayashi and Galen Yoshimoto. All three were exercise participants.

Ed served a MDay Soldier for many years before his retirement. In civilian life, he was an industrial arts instructor at a local high school. Everyone remembers his large yellow truck.

Clara served as a fulltime technician with the Hawaii Army National Guard. After her retirement, she was a Transition Coordinator for the Tripler Army Medical Center.

Galen was a fulltime technician with the Hawaii Air National Guard. After his retirement, he served on the Adjutant General’s staff as a State employee. Later, he became the Public Relations Officer for the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (Hawaii EMA).

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