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Check Six – 1958: Alert Facility Dedication

June 26, 2022
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Nine pilots were put through a concentrated training program and became qualified as Alert Ready. The 199th Fighter Squadron went on 24 hour active air defense alert at 0001 October 23, 1958. The dedication of a new double-hangar and crew shelter was held the day before. Five-minute active air defense Alert, on a 24 hour basis, has continued ever since.

As seen in the photograph above, the nine 199th Fighter Squadron pilots were (L-R) James “Spike” Dykes, Charles “Chuck” Johnston, Donald Giddings, Harold “Big Daddy” Nagai, Paul “Aimoku” Duvauchelle, Padraic “Paddy” Evans, (either Donald Walker or Jon Parrish), Marlin Little, and Kurt Johnston.

These pilots were the heart of the squadron and more continued into the Convair F-102A Delta Dagger era.

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