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Retiree Update: Stan Osserman

July 9, 2014

Stan Osserman is the Director of HCATT – the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies. He has been with HCATT for a few months and he promotes hydrogen fueled transportation options.

I’m on a campaign this year to promote hydrogen transportation for Hawaii and was interviewed this past Wednesday by our local community access TV folks. The whole interview is about 50 minutes long, but he first 10-12 minutes features an energy conservation technology you can get for free if you live in Hawaii. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, you can skip through it just to get a feel for the content first. It was my second interview with them and I’ll be doing more. The co-host, Ray Starling, was a member of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard with me for many years and retired as a 2 star general several years ago. I had no idea he would be on the show till we walked on the set. Hope you enjoy it, I did!

Stan O.

View the interview

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