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Turn Around, Don’t Drown

April 19, 2015


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flooding is the second leading cause of weather-related fatalities in the United States. Most of these deaths occur when a vehicle is driven through flooded roadways. Other lives can be lost when people walk into flood waters.

This happens because many people underestimate the power of water. According to the CDC, it only takes six inches of fast-moving water to knock over an adult and 18 inches of flowing water to carry away most vehicles, including SUVs. Also, it is impossible to tell the exact depth of water covering a road or the condition of road beneath the water, especially at night when vision is limited.

Play it safe! When you come to a flooded road, path or walkway, follow this rule: Turn Around, Don’t Drown. The National Weather Service (NWS) developed the “Turn Around, Don’t Drown” Campaign to educate people about the dangers of driving or walking through flood waters.

To learn more about flooding hazards, check out this informative NWS public service announcement.

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