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Check Six – 1994: B-52 Crash

June 24, 2015

At Fairchild Air Force Base, southwest of Spokane, Washington, a Boeing B-52H-170-BW Stratofortress, serial number 61-0026, call sign CZAR FIVE TWO, was being flown by Lieutenant Colonel Arthur A. (“Bud”) Holland, the aircraft commander, with Lieutenant Colonel Mark C. McGeehan, commanding officer 325th Bomb Squadron as the co-pilot. The vice commanding officer of the 92nd Bomb Wing, Colonel Robert E. Wolff, was aboard as the designated safety observer. The fourth crewmember, Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth S. Horton, the 325th squadron operations officer, was the radar navigator.

The mission was a practice flight for an upcoming air show demonstration. During the 18-minute flight, virtually every maneuver performed by Lieutenant Colonel Holland exceeded the operating limitations of the B-52 and violated Air Force Regulations.

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