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Update: Holiday Festival of Lights Pearl Harbor Tour

December 12, 2015

Henry Machado just emailed this iin to Retiree New about an earlier post about Holiday Festival of Lights Pearl Harbor tour

I just got off the phone with Brian Akimoto, who is the secretary for the Pearl City Lions Club, in regards to the flyer about the Holiday Festival of Lights at Pearl Harbor and he informed me that the Lions Club has not participated in the event for a couple of years and that it is no longer being held.  However, he thinks the base still does something similar but launches the shuttle from one of the docks in Pearl Harbor.

I tried calling the PA office at Pearl but haven’t been able to talk to anyone to confirm the information.  Might have to wait till Monday.  I was curious since the dates and days of the tours on the flyer didn’t jive so I started calling around and it took several calls to different people and places to finally get a response.

Retiree News apologizes this earlier post and any confusion it caused.

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