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May 10, 2016

Retiree sightings

Ran into Jason Nunugawa at Ala Moana Center. He retired militarily from the 154th Medical Group several years ago. He worked as a technician in the Medical Group for a few years before moving to position with the City & County of Honolulu. He retired from his City job about two years ago. Great seeing Jason!

Norberto and Rose Baysa were part of group of concerned Central Oahu residents at the State Capitol talking to legislators about Wahiawa General Hospital. Dr. Baysa serves as the State Air Surgeon and the Commander of the 154th Medical Group. Hadn’t seen Doc and Rose for several years.

Off the New York National Guard Twitter feed @NationalGuardNY

New York Yankee legend Babe Ruth enlisted as a private in the New York Army National Guard 92 years ago this month. The Great Bambino was 29 years old.

Babe Ruth

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