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Webmaster Comments: 16.05.18

May 18, 2016

Congratulations to David Lopina, who recently pinned on his eagles. His pinning ceremony was in his home state of Ohio.  BG Bruce Oliveira presided over the ceremony. Dave currently serves a JAG with the State Department of Defense. He is currently on vacation, but will return in early June. Colonel Lopina sounds good!

Welcome home to David Molinaro, who recently returned to the islands. Dave moved to Washington DC after his retirement from the Hawaii Air National Guard a little over a year ago. He began working with Stan Osserman at the State office developing hydrogen power. Welcome home Dave!

For Guardmembers still serving. The 2016 State of Hawaii tax deduction for Guardmembers will be $6,279.00. The deduction amount is equivalent to pay received for 48 drills (equivalent of 12 weekends) and 15 days of annual duty at an E-5 pay grade after 8 years of service. This is a lot more that the $1750.00 Guardmembers received for several decades.

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