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June 8, 2016

Retiree sightings at the commissary

Lane Martin, formerly of the 201st Combat Communications Group, continues to serve as a Traditional Guardmember in a First Sergeant billet. He also serves as the State Senior Vice Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Great seeing Lane!

Contact him if you are interesting in becoming a member of the Colonel H. Hickam Post 970.

Mark Shaw, a 154th Maintenance Group retiree, still works for the Navy at Pearl Harbor. He retired from the Hawaii Air National Guard a few years ago.

More retiree sightings at Woody Woodrow’s pining ceremony

Kathy Berg retired from her long time position at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. She said her husband Steve, a 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron retiree, continues to be an avid photographer.

Robert Lee, the former Adjutant General, has a contract with Serra Nevada, a government contractor.

Dave Molinaro who recently returned to Hawaii, now works for Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies with Stan Osserman.

Stan Osserman continues as the Director of the Hydrogen Implementation for the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies.

Two former 154th Wing commanders were present – Pete “Skipper” Pauling, and Albert “Putt” Richards.  Great talking to both of them.

Talked to Jim Yuki, a 204th Airlift Squadron retiree; he continues to fly for Aloha Cargo.

Sometime over the last weekend, Retiree News surpassed 300,000 hits.  Special thanks to everyone who has supported the website over the last three years.

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