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In Case You Missed IT

June 30, 2016

During June, the following postings received a high number of viewings.

Space “A” Travel Information  Learn more about Space “A” travel from  Air Mobility Command (AMC) website.  This website and connecting links have general information about Space “A” travel and contact numbers.

Off Track: Our Top 6 Okazuya  Ahh okazuya. Growing up in the islands, a stop at your local Japanese-style delicatessen meant you got good marks on your report card, were going on a field trip or finally had enough quarters to purchase a super filling snack.

So THAT’S What All Those Codes On Your Boarding Pass Mean  Your boarding pass may seem like a piece of paper that gets you from point A to point B, but that jumble of numbers and letters surrounding your name can actually tell you a lot about your trip. Your boarding pass lets all of the airline employees from security to the gate know who you are, what you’ll be eating and, to some extent, how well you will be treated.

Congratulations General Woodrow  Photographs from Gregory “Woody” Woodrow’s pinning ceremony at Washington Place. Governor David Ige and his wife were present with Brigadier General Ryan Okahara presiding over the pinning ceremony.

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