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Webmaster Comments: 16.10.25

October 25, 2016


I ran into Jimmy Dang recently while grocery shopping.

We discussed TRICARE’s move from CVS/Longs to Walgreens and other Guard related subjects.

Jimmy is enjoying retirement as you can see from his photo. He was a technician in the 154th Wing for his Guard career. It was good catching up.



Met Fred Takara at the Shirokiya Food Court. No, he was not eating. He was walking through the food court, part of his exercise course at Ala Moana Center. Fred looked great.

Fred served in the parachute shop at the 154th Wing throughout his technician career, serving as the shop chief in his last assignment before retiring.



Walt Kinoshita and his wife doing their indoor walking course at Kahala Mall. Still the same Walt, low key with his friendly smile.

Walt retired as a colonel after serving in the Hawaii Army National Guard.  Little known fact: before starting to work fulltime for the Guard, he was part of the management team at Sears.



Irvin Yoshino was manning a information desk at the recent Eastside Community Preparedness Fair at Kahala Mall. He is very active in the Be Ready Manoa community team and was there manning a information table.

Irv served in the 154th Wing’s maintenance complex for many years. He served on active duty with the Air Force. Coming home, he enlisted in the Air Guard and where we served together in the instrument/electric shop (a long time ago).

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