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Why We Claim Social Security Far Too Soon

January 7, 2017


The most debated Social Security topic over the years. This is another post that supports waiting until 70.

I just visited my mom. She’s 97. The trip over was short. She’s in an assisted living right across the street. Today was a bad day. She couldn’t hear the people at dinner, couldn’t hear the TV, her eyes hurt from reading…

“Why am I still alive?” she asked. “I never expected to live this long.”

“You’re 97, but you look 79 — well, 89.” I said. “And there are plenty of people your age. People over 100 are the fastest growing age group. Worldwide, we’re talking a half million centenarians. In 30 years, they’ll number 3 million.”

“Well, good for them. I’d rather be dead.”

“I’m taking you to dinner tomorrow. You need cheering up.”

A bad day. But the last two were good, with jokes and laughter.

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