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Webmaster Comments: 17.02.01

February 1, 2017

webmaster-comments-2Update to the 293d Combat Communications Squadron deactivation post.  Added to the post later was a copy of the ceremony program. Colonel Erik Wong sent the program after the ceremony, but we did not post it the other day.

We received feedback about the New Year’s Day post of the Sunshine Festivals. The video in the linked story provided some memories for many. If you didn’t get to view it, this is the link to the Hawaii Magazine article.

There was feedback about the Remembering the Challenger Disaster video post. Hard to believe it was 31 years ago. Many millennials – those reaching young adulthood in the 21st century – have no recognition of the Challenger disaster and its local connection, Ellison Onizuka. Time continues to move on…

154-camronFinally found a graphic for the 154th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron patch, the original one approved on January 21, 1971. The graphics on the internet generally for 154th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

Maybe we need to do a series about organizational patches.

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