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Webmaster Comments: 17.02.09

February 9, 2017


Retiree Update: Benjamin Goo was the supervisor of flight simulator operations during the 154th Wing’s F-102 Delta Dagger era. Inspection teams always recognized his operations as an example of how things should operate.

Benny is credited as one of the founders of the HIANG bowling league. This after work league has existed since the 1960s from what I understand.

Benny served on the board of the Hickam Federal Credit Union. He was instrumental in opening the credit union’s membership to Guardmembers, and the opening of offices off base in Mililani and other locations.

After leaving Hawaii, Benny lived in Washington State for many years, but has lived in Las Vegas for the last three years. The photograph was taken at Benny’s 94th birthday dinner last year.

Chuck Goo, Benny’s son who lives in Thailand, sent this photograph to Retire News.

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