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15 Ways to Travel in Retirement on a Fixed Budget

February 20, 2017

senior-couple-on-rv-road-tripSharon Ellison is a 62-year-old retired school secretary in Lowell, Michigan. Her husband, 66, spent much of his career self-employed in modest endeavors. The couple doesn’t fit the mold of retirees who have enough disposable income to jet off to Europe regularly. And yet, they have visited the continent five times in recent years.

“My son wanted to go to Stonehenge [in 2007],” Ellison says of their first trip. “We totally got hooked on it.” Since then, they’ve been to Budapest, Prague, Paris, Switzerland, Vienna and Dublin, among other European cities. In between, they have traveled the country, camped in Yosemite and taken cruises. Now they are planning a journey to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, and have Africa in their sights as well.

The Ellisons aren’t rich. However, they began setting money aside for retirement travels early and have been smart about how they spend their dollars. Here are 15 tips for traveling in retirement, even if you aren’t sitting on a pile of cash.

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