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Apple is investigating an iPhone 7 Plus that ‘blew up’

February 28, 2017

iphone-7-plus-exploded-100710376-largeA Twitter video of a smoking iPhone 7 Plus has gone viral, prompting Apple to investigate.

On Friday, Apple said that it was working with Brianna Olivas, who shared the video of her iPhone 7 Plus after it “blew up,” to try to find out the cause of the explosion. Olivas wrote that her rose gold iPhone 7 Plus, which she purchased from Sprint in January, “caught fire” while she was sleeping on Wednesday morning.

Her boyfriend moved the iPhone from the bed to the dresser before going to the bathroom. When he came back, the iPhone was “steaming” and making a “squealing noise” so he tossed it in the bathroom. That’s when the iPhone 7 Plus “blew up and more smoke started coming out.”

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