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Webmaster Comments: 17.05.19

May 19, 2017

Retiree Sightings: At the recent funeral services for Miles Aoki, we had the opportunity to “catch up” with several retirees. Among the retirees present were: Robert Finley, Clarence Fukumoto, Roy Matsumura, David Murray, Vince Nishina, Alan Shinsato, and Dennis Takeshita. It’s unfortunate that funeral services are the rare times retirees get to reminisce.

More Retiree Sightings: Recently we ran into Yolanda Valiente at Kaukini Hospital, where she repairs electronic medical equipment. Yolanda says she plans to retire in three years. She retired from the HIANG as serving many years in the 201st Combat Communications Group.

Retiree Email: We had a quick email exchange with Hank S. Laguatan, who works for the Veterans Administration in Seattle. Hank was a recruiter with the HIANG for several years. He promised more info so Retiree News could do a Retiree Update post on him.

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