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Check Six – 1984: Field Maintenance

June 13, 2017

L-R: MSgt Kenneth Morimoto, CMSgt David Pontes and 1st Lt David Snakenberg (click on photograph to enlarge)

Retiree News asked Dave Snakenberg if he could share more information about the date and the event. Snake’s reply:

About 1984. I was commissioned in December 1981 and looks like I am a 1st Lt. so about 1984. Do not know the specific event, except it was held in 3400 hangar area.

Ken Morimoto ran the Egress Shop before moving to other supervisory positions. He retired as a chief master sergeant.

Dave Pontes was the NCOIC of Field Maintenance. After retiring, he moved to Gig Harbor, Washington. The Chief passed in the 90s. The Chief’s son, Wayne Pontes, served on the fighter flightline and later in the Public Affairs Office. He moved on to other opportunities after many years with Guard.

Snake was the OIC of the Field Maintenance Branch and served there several years as a Traditional Guardmember. Back then, he taught at Damien Memorial High School before later starting a career with the 154th Wing. Snake last assignment was the Vice Commander of the 154th Wing and retired as a colonel.

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