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Check Six – 1989: Old Friends

July 13, 2017

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Since the mid-1980s, the 201st Combat Communications Group conducted a service dress uniform check. This annual check, usually during the December UTA, insured members had a complete uniform that fit properly.

This photograph was taken on December 3, 1989. From left-right: James Townsend, Galen Yoshimoto, Miles Tamura, Pamela Bowers, Miles Aoki, and David Gilbert.

James, a technician, retired in the early 2000s as a colonel and the commander of the 201 CCG. He continued his service to the Guard as the training officer at HQ, Hawaii Air National Guard. He retired from the state several years ago and is enjoying his retirement.

Galen, a technician, retired in 2005 as a lieutenant colonel as the commander of the 154th Mission Support Fight. He went on to serve as the state staff officer for MG Robert Lee. He later was part of the public information team at State Civil Defense. He retired last December.

Miles was a Traditional member who had come off active duty. He was a communications officer and retired in the middle 2000s as a lieutenant colonel several years ago.

Pamela came off active duty when her active husband was assigned to Hawaii. She left when his tour ended. We understand she completed her career in the Air Force Reserve. Her father-in-law was the late Col. Francis A.I. ‘Miki’ Bowers Jr.

Miles was the 201 CCG’s mobility officer. In civilian life, he was the owner of Rainbow Tire in Mapunapuna. He served until his mandatory separation date (MSD) in the early 2000s. Miles passed away earlier this year.

Dave was a weapons system officer (WSO) during the HIANG’s F-4 Phantom era. When the 154th Wing converted to F-15 Eagles, Dave came to the 201 CCG as a communications officer. He served until his MSD in the early 2000s.

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