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Off Track: Top Six Fried Chicken Fast Food Joints

September 16, 2017

From the Gunzain website

Who doesn’t love a good fried chicken meal? It’s mouthwatering, satisfying, quick and easy. Today is National Friend Chicken Day, so you might wonder where to get the best friend chicken. Lets face it: even though this is an easy, inexpensive meal that anyone can have at anytime, you don’t want to waste a fried chicken opportunity eating anything less than the best.

We all know the truth whether we like to admit it or not. Chicken is NOT “just chicken”. The seasoning needs to be perfect, it needs to be juicy and fried to a golden brown perfection, and it needs to be so good that you are always looking forward to having it again. In order to do this, you need to know the best places to get such wonderful chicken perfection. Here in Maryland, we’re partial to Roy Rogers, but their reach is fairly limited with only 51 restaurants.

Here are our Top Six National Fried Chicken Restaurant Chains…

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