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Check Six – 1974: 154th Wing Fighter Flightline

September 28, 2017

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This photograph shows the 154th Wing fighter flightline around 1974-1975. The then 154th Tactical Fighter Group was converting from F-102A Delta Daggers to F-4C Phantoms. The last F-102A finally left ANG service in October 1976.

The 154th flew the Delta Dagger throughout the 1960s, and although the Hawaii ANG was not activated during the Vietnam War, several of its pilots volunteered for combat duty in Southeast Asia (Palace Alert Program). The F-4C was a workhorse tactical fighter-bomber during the Vietnam War, and could also be used as an effective interceptor.

Points of interest:

* The earthen berm around the flightline.

* The wooden temporary building between the hanger and the engine shop. The avionics branch occupied the building for several months as the mauka side of the hanger underwent renovations.

* The ocean side parking lot is still a coral bed that ponded during heavy downpours.

* The paved parking lot behind the supply building is where Building 3417 is today. The support facility was constructed in the 1990s

How time flies by…

HIANG fighter flightline today

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