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Webmaster Comments: 17.10.04

October 4, 2017

Cabrinha Services: The services for Lawrence “Cabby” Cabrinha remain in the planning stage. Retiree News will post this information when it becomes available.

High School Postings: Retiree News has received a lot of positive feedback about the series about local high schools. So far, there were posts about Roosevelt, McKinley, and Hilo. There are several more coming up in the next few months.

But it should be noted there will not be posts for all high schools. We have already received comments about when certain high schools will post. The Images of Old Hawaii website, run by Peter Young, has featured high schools with historical ties to Hawaii’s history.

But rest assured that the Punahou, Kamehameha and St. Louis are coming – seems there is a lot of interest in those three schools for some reason.

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