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Check Six – 1996: Mick Melick Promotion

October 13, 2017

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In 1996, Michael “Mick” Melich was promoted to colonel after he became the commander of the 154th Maintenance Group. This photograph was taken at his promotion luncheon. Yvette Miraflor provided the following comments:

From left to right, Sylvian Goodspeed, Elizebeth “Liz” Karosich, Mick, his daughter Keri, Yvette Miraflor, Ellen Laguatan and I forgot the last girls name, she was a part-timer.

Sylvian was a civilian that worked in Supply, Liz worked for Lt Col Melvin Asai in Mobility, and Ellen worked in Maintenance Analysis.

Special Thanks to Yvette Miraflor for helping identify some of the people in the photograph.

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