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myPay Delivery Selections

October 29, 2017

Webmaster Comments: Most military retirees should have received the following email this week.

Your current account settings have some of your documents delivered electronically and others sent via mail.  While these may reflect your true intentions, we urge you to review your selections to ensure you know how we will provide your vital information.

An informal survey of some myPay users reveals that many are unaware of their document delivery selections, like yourself, have some set for hardcopy mail and others for electronic delivery via their myPay accounts.

More and more retirees are finding the convenience and security of receiving tax and pay statements, as well as important correspondence via myPay, a better option than having them sent via mail.  Not only are they available immediately, they’re there whenever the need arises.

Please don’t delay.  Changes to your 1099R delivery options will not be accepted after November 14 to end-of-year processing; and 1095 form (IRS Form 1095 Healthcare Verification), delivery changes must be made on or before end December 31.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

DFAS Customer Service

Vist the myPay website

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