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31 Of the Best US Military Photos Of 2017

December 24, 2017

From the Task and Purpose website

The U.S. armed forces had a hell of a year. Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump as the new commander-in-chief in January, the Department of Defense has achieved significant victories (the expulsion of ISIS from its major strongholds in Iraq and Syria), robust challenges (North Korea’s nuclear program, the specter of Russia in eastern Europe), and endured its share of tragedies (the deaths of special operations forces in Yemen and Niger and the branches’ growing mishap crises).

But despite everything the armed forces faced in 2017, service members performed their duty with honor and devotion — and they looked damn good doing it, too. To that end, Task & Purpose looks back on the year with 31 of the best U.S. military photos of 2017.

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