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Check Six: 111th Army Band

February 7, 2018

111th Army Band passing in review during the HIARNG Change of Command Ceremony in December 2017.  – click on photograph to enlarge

The 111th Army Band plays an important role in Hawaii Army National Guard ceremonies. The band’s public outreach include pre-game and halftime performances at University of Hawaii football games.

CW4 Curtis Hiyane has served as the commander for many years. In civilian life, he is the band instructor at Mililani High School. The organization’s First Sergeant is Jonathan Kimura.

The following historical summary of the 111th Army Band was taken from the United States Army music website –

* Organized and federally recognized 3 October 1919 in the Hawaii National Guard at Honolulu as the Band Section, Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry.

* Reorganized and redesignated 1 April 1921 as the Band Section, Service Company, 1st Infantry

* Redesignated 17 August 1923 as the Band Section, Service Company, 298th Infantry

* Reorganized and redesignated 1 May 1940 as the Band, 298th Infantry

* Inducted into Federal service 15 October 1940 at Honolulu

* (298th Infantry assigned October 1941 to the 25th Infantry Division; relieved 3 July 1942 from assignment to the 25th Infantry Division and assigned to the 24th Infantry Division; relieved 12 June 1943 from assignment to the 24th Infantry Division)

* Reorganized and redesignated 1 June 1944 as the 111th Army Ground Forces Band

* Inactivated 30 January 1946 at Honolulu

* Reorganized and Federally recognized 10 September 1946 at Honolulu

* Redesignated 17 May 1947 as the 111th Army Band

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