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Check Six: NAS Barbers Point

March 2, 2018

Gate at Naval Air Station Barber’s Point as it appeared in December 1958. click on photograph to enlarge

Naval Air Station Barber’s Point was commissioned on April 15, 1942.

NAS Barber’s Point was named after Captain Henry Barber. On a voyage to China in 1796, Captain Barber, commanding the British brig Arthur, called at Honolulu for supplies. He left Honolulu about 6 p.m., October 31. At 8:10 p.m. Barber’s ship struck a coral shoal to the west of Pearl Harbor. The Arthur cleared the shoal but was driven on the reef and broke up.

Captain Barber and his crew of 22 men took to the life boats. Six drowned. The survivors landed near the point which ever since has been named after Barber. The Hawaiian name for this is Kalaeloa which means long cape (headland).

Barber’s Point was decommissioned by the Navy in 1998 and turned over to the State of Hawaii for use as Kalaeloa Airport.

Today Kalaeloa Airport (JFR) consists of 757 acres and is used as an alternate landing site for Honolulu International Airport and for general aviation purposes.

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Kalaeloa is currently the home of the Hawaii Army National Guard and the 297th Air Traffic Control Squadron, Hawaii Air National Guard.

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