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Off Track: Punahou School

March 11, 2018

In Hawaii, what high school you graduated from is often among the questions asked when you first meet someone. Public versus private, old versus new, town versus county, island versus island – some high school rivalries continue well into graduates’ old age.

The Images of Old Hawaii website periodically publishes articles about various high schools around the state. We will post links about these Hawaii high schools on their website periodically.

from the Punahou School website

On July 11, 1842, fifteen children met for the first time in Punahou’s original E-shaped building. The first Board of Trustees (1841) included Rev. Daniel Dole, Rev. Richard Armstrong, Levi Chamberlain, Rev. John S Emerson and Gerrit P Judd. (Hawaiian Gazette, June 17, 1916)

By the end of that first year, 34-children from Sandwich Islands and Oregon missions were enrolled, only one over 12-years old. Tuition was $12 per term, and the school year covered three terms. (Punahou)

By 1851, Punahou officially opened its doors to all races and religions. (Students from Oregon, California and Tahiti were welcomed from 1841 – 1849.)

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Hawaii National Guard graduates include: Fred W. Makinney Jr., Frederick A. Schaefer III, Garro “Rojo” Johnson, Bernard M. Watson, Benjamin Webster, Norman Ault, Jr. – can you name others?

Punahou – It Had More Than One Campus

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