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Off Track: 10 Hawaii places you haven’t been to yet

May 26, 2018

From the Hawaii Magazine website

Hawaii abounds with so much unparalleled natural wonder that there are dozens of breathtaking places throughout the Islands even lifelong residents have never experienced first-hand. Thus was born the idea for this compendium of our favorite, off-the-beaten-track Hawaii places everyone should see in their lifetimes (but likely haven’t yet).

Though you may find some of these locales difficult to get to, every one of them is legally accessible. (Sorry, Kaliuwaa “Sacred” Falls, Haiku Stairs and Kaau Crater fans.) Each was formed by the forces of nature that created our Islands. Each remains largely unblemished by human hands and, in one case, is actually being restored to its natural state by the work of humans.

Perhaps you’ve actually been to a few of the 10 Hawaii places on our list. We have, too. Check off the ones you’ve been fortunate enough to experience and move on to the next.

Either way, your journey into Hawaii’s little-seen natural escapes begins right here.

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