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Check Six: June 27, 1923 – 95 years ago

June 27, 2018

From the This Day in Aviation website

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The first successful aerial refueling took place on June 27, 1923, when a DH-4B, Air Service serial number 23-462, carrying Lieutenants Virgil S. Hine and Frank W. Seifert passed gasoline through a hose to another DH-4B which was flying beneath them carrying Lieutenants Lowell H. Smith and John P. Richter. Hine and Smith piloted their respective airplanes while Seifert and Richter handled the refueling. A 50 foot (15.24 meter) hose with manually-operated quick-acting valves at each end was used. During the refueling, 75 gallons (283.9 liters) of gasoline was passed from the tanker to the receiver.

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