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Off Track: 5 Fruit-Stuffed Mochi at Fujiya You Should Try

August 18, 2018

From the Honolulu Magazine website

Among the sun-baked brick walls of Kalihi’s industrial zone are a series of mom-and-pop stores that have provided uniquely Hawaiian treats for generations.

Along Waiakamilo Road, “open” signs are taped on top of “open” signs, reassuring mochi-seekers that Fujiya Ltd., “Fine Oriental Confectioners Since 1953(8),” is open for business.

The shallow storefront is ringed with wooden shelves of senbei, arare, and Uacoco, Fujiya’s fruit-flavored coconut crackers. The display case in the center, as humble as the shop it sits in, contains the daifuku and chi chi dango we all know and love. The real gems of the house, though? Without a doubt, it’s the confectionary’s popular assortment of specialty fruit-filled mochi.

Other shops stuff whole fruit into their mochi. At Fujiya, the staff goes a few steps further. They’ve been experimenting with their twist on the classic confection for three years and in that time, outside-the-box flavors like kiwi and blueberry have come and gone, with popularity—and seasonality—determining what iterations stay or go. While some flavors can be found at other places, most are Fujiya exclusives. Here are some of the top sellers and our favorites.

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