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Check Six – 1952: Aviation Cadet Training for National Guard Enlisted Personnel

September 7, 2018

Taken from the August 1952 issue of the Hawaii Guardsman

Department of the Air Force has just announced that enlisted personnel of the Hawaii National Guard may now apple to Aviation Cadet Program training under the Hawaii Air National Guard program.

Through its Aviation Cadet Program, the United States Air Force trains qualified young men to become commissioned officers and pilots , capable of flying the new post war types of aircraft. In this way, a constant flow of young pilots ready for immediate duty in the Air National Guard is assured in Hawaii.

Upon graduation, the Aviation Cadet is commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Air National Guard, with an aeronautical rating of pilot, and returned to inactive duty with the 199th Fighter Bomber Squadron in Honolulu.

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A majority of the 199th Fighter Squadron pilots in the 1950s and 60s were Aviation Cadets. Learn more about the Aviation Cadet Program

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