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Citizen-Soldier Website Coverage of the Lava Mission

October 16, 2018

Lava fountains from fissure 8 – shown from June 12, 2018 – build a cinder-and-spatter cone around the fissure’s vent, with the highest part of the cone rising approximately 125 feet high. Image courtesy United States Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

On May 3 of this year, the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea began to once again make its power known. Rivers of crimson bubbling magma began to flow down from its summit, molten rock erupted hundreds of feet into the air, dark clouds of ash billowed 5 miles into the sky and toxic gas that cut down much of what was living nearby spewed from its peak.

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Thanks to Jeffrey Hickman for sharing the link to this Citizen-Solider article

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